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For more than two months his parents'hotel store had been transferred, the pavement in front of the shop had been covered with silt, the sign originally named after his mother had been removed and replaced with a brand-new plaque. This place, which I used as a \"second home\" from childhood, really had nothing to do with me.


Going home to pack a few clothes - in autumn, the mother has been in the hospital with her father for half a year, only the first few skimpy summer wheels changed. Opened the wardrobe, hanging in the hands of the wardrobe father's short-sleeves fell to the ground, my heart clattered, quickly picked up hang back.


The curtains in my parents'room hadn't been opened for a long time. I pulled open some of the windows and spilled some water on the leeks planted on the air-conditioner. The storage room was full of debris, I pulled for a long time, only in the innermost bucket to find the storage of bayberry wine, count, there are about ten cans.


When I got to the hospital at lunchtime, the nurse went to take a nap after lunch, and my mother was washing things in the bathroom in the ward. She saw me come in and pointed to the bag hanging from the wall. \".


Every other day or two, her mother would go to a restaurant near the hospital - in fact, a well-stocked shop - to buy a bit of all kinds of vegetables, and to buy fresh fish and meat, she would go earlier. All the purchased ingredients were in baskets and hung on the walls of the ward bathroom, from vegetables and nuts to fruits and grains, but in small quantities.


\"Did you give the fish to Dad? The doctor says the patient has more protein, and the beef is the best. I put the disposable lunch boxes I brought one by one on a plastic bench, with salted fish and soy bacon in the bowl, and a half bowl of old duck, which was stewed in a pressure cooker, soft and easy to import.


Mother came out of the bathroom, rubbed her hands on the legs of her trousers, and clutched the cabbage in her hand:\" buy crucian carp for your father to eat, and tomato cabbage radish and so on, all put some. Well, I said I wouldn't have to bring anything with me. I can't eat anything here.


Having said that, the mother was obviously a little pleased, and she took another empty bowl and bent over to pick it out:\" Pick a few more meats and call your dad for a while, the old duck is filling up and the soup has to be kept for your dad.\"


Father shaved his hair today, the whole person looked refreshed, smooth scalp with only a layer of bleary hair root, the site of the operation a little sunken into the edge of the drum. At the moment he was still asleep, but his brow was still frowning and his lips were bleeding too much from the skin.


I put on my mask and said something in front of my father's bed. I turned on the music and put it in his ear. In front of the narrow hand-washing table, my mother was using a knife to cut a few slices of carrot into the kettle, and I looked over to see that there were vegetables, dried incense, and a few black fungus.


The mother came out with the kettle, pulled open the cartons under the bed, salt, sugar, soy sauce and old wine were in them, she neatly added the dressing to the kettle, ripped open the bag of mustard and poured half the bag, and put some bacon together. The hospital is not allowed to use electrical appliances privately, except for the broken-wall machines that feed the patients. There was only one socket on the wall of the ward, and the mother covered the kettle with cardboard, crouched against the wall, and soon the kettle boiled.


Mother with chopsticks to open the lid of the kettle, rolling hot air to the face, gulping over the hot soup bubble, cabbage is tender, the semi-ripe fragrance is also a roll of water cooked.


I nodded and took the wine out of my backpack. Uncle and aunt's house will send a few baskets of bayberry every year, if not eat, in the refrigerator cannot put a few days on the soft deterioration, father simply put bayberry bubble wine, because mother likes to drink.


In the past day shop busy, mother will take out the jar from the depths of the cabinet, pour a little rose red liquor, and then mixed with half a glass of home brew. Sitting down and eating wine is the best time for a mother to be busy all day. She folded her legs, thumb index finger loosely holding the cup wall, raised the blue finger, slightly squinting a sip, the corner of her mouth grin, wine under the belly, just clip a chopstick vegetable entrance.


Father does not drink wine on weekdays, at most two cans of beer, but to the wine-soaked bayberry is very fond of, eat full rice, the jar of wine to the sky red fruit he put into the empty bowl, the blink of an eye to eat.


This early summer, relatives sent many, are black charcoal plum. Father prepared a clean glass jar early, while fresh, each pick out bayberry, into the glass jar, put a few thick layers of ice sugar. The pulp is soaked by the wine after the soft, into a good-looking fuchsia, the color of the liquor is darker than Yang Mei.


This late autumn, father suddenly cerebral haemorrhage coma has been 5 months, hide in the home of bayberry wine has been ripe. I unscrewed the jar in the ward, and the sweetness of the pulp and ice sugar almost covered the wine.


The vegetable soup from the electric kettle was filled with a bowl. Looking carefully, I found there were some bean sprouts, cabbage leaves and mushrooms. I spooned the soup, hot mouth, but the more hot the more fresh, unexpectedly delicious. I couldn't help but sigh:\" Mom, how delicious!\"


The mother smiled, took a disposable cup and sipped the wine:\" Today the fish is eaten for your father, the fish bones are left to cook the soup, the fat meat in the bacon can be used as oil, and the pickles and shrimp skins are cooked together. Today, I also bought 10 shrimps, seven for your father, and three in them.


Seeing that I had several mouthfuls of soup, my mother picked out some food from the pot for me to eat more. I brought most of the rice, my mother pulled half into the bowl, the rest in a plastic bowl covered with a lid, indicating that the day in the hospital microwave, a hot 50 cents to eat.


I told her to order a lunch box in the hospital. Mother said it was expensive and not delicious. I know that she usually goes to the breakfast shop downstairs in the morning to buy two bowls of white porridge and leave a bowl for lunch. In the evening, she cooks the powder herself. She said the salted fish and bacon she brought with her today were just right to eat and serve as a recipe for cooking noodles, and I advised her that something too salty to eat, had better be boiled in water before eating. The mother's muddle should be, big mouth grilled rice, eat very fragrant.


\"At dinner, my daughter is here. Oh, and drink! The family of the same ward pushed the physiotherapy machine in and said hello. Old aunt 60 years old, and we are fellow countryman, speak local language.


\"The wine is sweet and not spicy. Ah Hui's father made it. My hands and feet are getting sick and I'm comfortable with it. Mother told her to sit down and have a drink. She said it was better to have a drink with people. The old aunt waved her hand and said no.


Just then, the quiet father in the hospital bed suddenly stared wide-eyed, his shoulder popped and began to cough violently. When I lost my mother's chopsticks, I was about to stand up.\" I'll go and eat first.\"


The father coughed violently and stopped several times, his eyelids dropped weakly again, his brow twisted tightly and his face coughed red. The metal pipe at the air cut had thick sputum spattering out, and I sterilized my hands, sucked it clean, and wiped the spit from my father's lip with a tissue.


The old aunt massaged her sleepy son on the bed, and amplified her voice:\" tell your mother, tell her to rest more, she does not listen to ah, nurse pat back, she is next to protect your father, feed food also want to watch, afraid of your father where uncomfortable, afraid your father is not enough to eat hungry. Last night your father's body temperature is high, she sits all night not to sleep, gives your father to change the towel to wipe the body, you see her face is so ugly now, cannot sit down fast. Go on like this, your father didn't wake up, she must fall first! \".


I turned to look at my mother, at first glance feeling her face fat, but it was actually obvious puffiness, and the eyelids were swollen, and the eyes were more tired. Perennial dish hair she, the hair of the head sparse, the skin lost luster, like lost water vegetable heart, added fine wrinkles. That is, just after drinking, the cheeks are a little red, the face looks better.


Before 12 noon, his father was carried to the cart with a urine catheter bag, all the way to the elevator downstairs, through the long clearing in front of the inpatient department, to a row of small low-rise houses - where the only hyperbaric chamber in the hospital was.


Four patients, including the father, accompanied by family members or carers, were also pushed into the giant cylindrical confined bulk, inhaling high-purity oxygen through a mask to better repair and regenerate necrotic brain cells in a short period of time, one of the most commonly accepted routine treatments for waking up.


There was a 20-year-old girl in the cabin with her father, who was pushed in a wheelchair, beautiful and tall, and couldn't hide her beauty even after a long illness. I heard from other people's intermittent chat, the girl because of cardiac arrest, rescue too long lead to intracranial ischemia and hypoxia, coma for several months before gradually regaining small consciousness, she has done more than 100 days of hyperbaric oxygen, slightly effective, but also continue to do.


The girl's big eyes fixedly looked in one direction, the dark pupil had no focus, the air cut on her neck had healed, leaving a flesh-colored scar. Her hands stiffened and her body quivered uncontrollably, like a startled bird. Her parents, who looked in their 40s, occasionally reached for their daughter's cheek and covered her entire hat as she spoke to her neighbour.


Some people praise their daughter beautiful, the father laugh, the face is proud and gentle, said that the daughter with the mother, since childhood good-looking. The girl's mother crouched down, held her trembling hands, and spoke to her gently with her head up.


I can't help but think of the time when I was 20 years old - as if it had been a long time ago, and as if it were just yesterday. Father's hair is still mostly black, broad shoulders, strong limbs, palms are also fat, legs and feet are also sharp, work well. Mother is angry, whenever there is trouble to talk about him, the father silently eat food silently listen, until the mother died down, did not dare to make a sound. I slept late enough on vacation, woke up with no heart and no heart in my room playing with my computer, pushed the bowl back into the house after dinner, no worries, no worries.


After two hours of hyperbaric oxygen, my mother and I pushed the car back into the room. This section of the road in front of the hospital building is rough and there are excavators working around it. Father covered with quilt, the wind is very strong, mother with a towel half wrapped in his face, do not let the cool wind into.


After returning to the ward, follow closely with acupuncture. The long needle in the acupuncturist's hand plunged into his father's hole, his head, arms, thighs, and calves. The last needle stuck in the person, the doctor pinched the needle repeatedly aggravated the force to turn the stimulation, the father face muscle tightens, the mouth is twisted, appears ferocious, the right hand tries his best to lift up, finally drops powerlessly.


Acupuncture, electrical stimulation, swallowing training, joint massage, atomization, sputum suction, all kinds of items do the same, the father's brain is still heavy asleep. The nurse, with her legs in her arms, turned her father's body sideways and slapped him on the back. \"Don't be afraid,\" she said softly as she bent down and held her hand to her father's face.\" Don't be afraid for a moment.


Father naked on the back of a large blue, this is a daily pat back left, pat back when his eyes are always very wide-eyed, the face rose red, like a heavy hit on the board of fish, cannot break free, cannot resist.