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After seeing the female netizen, drank some wine to drive, unexpectedly was chased on the road, feared that the man who was investigated Zhang quickly drove away, which knew the other side all the way to catch up, staged midnight rush, finally Zhang suspected to encounter \"fairy jump \", but drove the car to the police station.


A small car chased a business car, quickly drove through a junction, from the city all the way to Liyang Daibu market town, the business car finally stopped at the gate of the Daibu police station.


After investigation, business car driver Zhang car also has a woman surnamed Dai, is the night Zhang met and drink together netizens, the car on the two men are Li and Chen. Because of the suspected hit-and-run, the police immediately informed the traffic police department to deal with, and accompanied to the hospital to the driver and others to carry out alcohol blood test. However, in the process of blood extraction, business car driver zhang quietly with a mobile phone to police to see a message, people feel that the accident is not simple.


Huang jun, a police officer at the daibu police station in liyang city, said:\" he said i suspected that the two men and women knew each other, and they used it to extort money from me.\"


Huang Jun, a police officer at the Daibu police station of the Liyang Public Security Bureau, said:\" The verification process found that the two people had multiple phone records, were friends of WeChat, and had chat records on WeChat.


At this time, the police psychological bottom, this is likely to be a racketeering gang. The civilian police immediately launched an investigation on the basis of clues. On November 22,2019, Li, Chen and Dai stayed in a hotel in our city, and at eight o'clock in the evening, the woman, Dai, posted on a social software \"bored to death, did anyone buy me a drink after work \", and the man, Zhang, saw the dynamic and got in touch with Dai to meet for a supper. Subsequently, Zhang drove to a small area to pick up after Dai, came to a pot shop to drink and eat supper, and Dai's accomplice Li Mou, Chen driving trailing. In the process of supper, Dai frequently advised alcohol, and secretly communicated with his associates.


In the early hours of the morning, Dai let Zhang, who drank a bottle of beer, drive her back, and before getting on the bus, Dai secretly opened the WeChat shared location function with his accomplice Li Mou. A car just drove out a short distance and was found rear-ended.


The client zhang said,\" gently chased the end of my departure, because I drink guilty ah, I drove away, and then he followed, he made me drink, and then in the east of the road also chased me twice.\"


Suspected encounter porcelain Zhang, because do not know the other side of the details, carrying a car to the police station door to deal with. And Li Mou, Chen thought that touch porcelain bureau seamlessly, also reasonably strong first called the police. This also let a person involved in more than ten people, the footprint of the Soviet, Zhejiang, Anhui many places of extortion and porcelain gang surfaced. According to reports, the group's routine is to use women in a social software release ambiguous dynamic, looking for the right man.


Huang Jun, a police officer at the Daibu police station in Liyang City, said:" They generally choose men over the age of 29, and have cars or have married men. “


After choosing a good target, the gang members will date the victim for dinner, in the process to find a way to persuade the victim to drink, and then let him drink and drive, waiting to rear-end the victim's vehicle.


Liyang public security bureau daibu police station police huang jun said,\" they come down to tell the victim, you this is drunk driving, or we call the police, you drink driving let the police handle you, or you with me private, private you take money, usually with the means of police to threaten others.\"


Many of the victims had chosen to take their money for fear of being investigated for drunk driving or for dating other women. After police investigation, the gang split, with similar methods have committed more than 40 crimes, each amount of extortion ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. At present, five suspects have been arrested by our city police, and have taken criminal coercive measures, the case is in progress. It is also understood that the victim Zhang drank less alcohol that night, did not meet the standard of driving motor vehicle illegal behavior after drinking.